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:D Ikkimasu! Let's have a blast!

Newest 3-Hit-Combo!

Newest 3-Hit-Combo!
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A lot to categorize! Until then, see all the comics by clicking “All Comics” in the right menu or use the search bar!


Hello! Nice to meet you, I’m Saltamiya, and you can find me and my comics on Twitter!

My big bro, Rabite, has worked very hard to put almost 700 comics on this site!

I can’t wait to make a series to describe his hard work!
Please enjoy the site. At the moment, I am categorizing each comic by game, game company, and character. Right now, some can be found in the drop-down menus on the left sidebar.

Until then, please see all of the comics in “All Comics” on the menu! Or use the search bar!

Thank you!