How to play KOF98UMOL

When I had started playing KOF98UMOL, the game in Japanese.
I got it off the Japanese Apple App Store, since I primarily use an Iphone as my main phone.
There are different versions of the game including Korean, and English to name a few.
I found that there is a South East Asian version of the game that is in English for the IOS but I was not able to download it.
The SEA version I found available on the app store was from Singapore and required a credit card from that region to purchase.
However, the Android version was much easier to aquire. A simple download did the job.
So I ordered a cheap phone, the Alcatel Aspire+ to be exact and loaded the game up.
Now that I can play an English version of the game, I do not see any point in editing/translating images now.
Using my Iphone, pointed downward at the Android phone, I made a few walkthrough videos, and will be making more.
Check em out and feel free to like the vids, ask questions, and subscribe.

KOF 98 UM OL – Top Left Corner Section

Here is an easy section to go over 1st.

That 1st part the Notice section simply lists upcoming and current events. It says things like server maintenance and such.

The Twitter Icon simply opens up a browser and takes you to the games twitter page.
The next part is LOBI, hit it and it takes you to LOBI, which is some sort of gaming message board type community.
In the CHAT section, if you hit that it opens up a chat window inbox, however there is a 2nd chat below this section as well.

Then after that there is the friends section, there is some cool stuff there.

Then the last section is Mail, this is where you get a bunch of awards. You get awards/rewards for all kinds of things.